Well Worth Seeking

26 July 2017
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Genavieve found herself on her side porch in the morning earlier than usual now, to escape the heat of the summer. As she was reflecting on an all previous thoughts and occurrences, while on this same lovely porch swing, she meditated on Psalm 91. Many times this book of the Bible comforted and guided her.
She brought her thoughts before her Lord and Master, and asked God to help her discern exactly what past events meant. She sought understanding, but did not feel desperate or driven. She sought contentment. She had that knowing inside her heart that her present state, working on her own character, waiting for the next step, was exactly the will of God. With that peace of mind, she also lifted her thoughts of a certain very distinguished male. If God delayed their togetherness, she decided to be thankful, and wait patiently for His perfect timing. She prayed for him and was sure that God was also working on his character too. Delays are not denials, Waiting is not disdainful, patience is more than just a Virtue. Contentment was well worth the seeking.

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July 26th, 2017

Path Of Endurance

4 August 2013
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Travel in wagons drug by horses. The need to move to new territory. Desire to pioneer new life. Quest for religious freedom. Missouri land was difficult to conquer in a horse and wagon. New found information about fertile land by the Mississippi River and the Gulf drew the couple there. The war had it’s tole on everyone…death, loss, injury. Those that were exposed to it’s tragedies at a young and innocent age and survived, pursued life differently than before. They saw boundaries and restrictions in a different light. They married for better and for worse.  Faith kept there solidity intact. They knew they needed to have this new start in life. Esther inherited that faith from them and cherished the stories of their journey south.  Anticipation drowned the occasional fear that would constrict her throat.  Her prayers and determination moved her past fear, which strengthened her and assisted the push forward.  Only after many years of settling into their new home, did Esther realize how God replanted, restored, and redirected her path.  Life never promises perfection….but God promises your abundance of life in His favor, salvation, endurance, longevity.  Esther, on this day, thanked Him for the Life she lived and also the escape from a life she never had to endure, due to His Grace and Mercy.  The story , born out of need, would indeed be told, and pave the path of endurance for generations….

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Lovely Potential

14 June 2013
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Taking in every second, Genavieve followed the metal signs…”Silks, Threads, Needles, Lace, Buttons, Cotton”…Yards and Yards of tasteful, beautiful threads woven into some of the most lovely materials and embellishments! Genavieve ran her fingers through them, admiring the quality of so much lovely potential for dressmaking! She, her cousins, and her aunts had traveled a distance just to find something different than the local sources in her town. Traders and buyers, business people and families hustled around the busy streets, in and out of shops and mercantiles, bakeries, and markets. It was exciting to see, yet just a little frightful! As time was passing, they made their final decisions on where to return to purchase what they had found as their favorite selections. They gingerly checked off lists of needs to create the garments they had envisioned for Easter season and the upcoming summer months. Such stylish selections were not available in the small town they would soon return to as the clock was ticking. Counting the costs and preparing to purchase was such a tantalizing challenge for Genavieve and she loved it. She would return home with the most for what her pocketbook held, prepared to share her findings! Clutching onto her bags and boxes as she boarded the train, there was a faint smile on her face of satisfaction as she finally sunk into her seat. The way home was made pleasant by conversations of the many things they had seen on this very fine day! The picturesque view of scenes whirring by, as she looked beyond the smiling faces of her loved ones, as the journey home shortened with every clicking sound of the traintrack beneath them.

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May Procession

27 May 2013
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Thoughts  on A Beautiful May Morning

May is always an eventful month, as everyone made lists of things to accomplish. One of these fond memories were May processions! Looked upon by some as just a frivolous thing, but many young girls loved the thought of starched and ironed frilly dresses and lining up precisely and carrying bouquets of fresh flowers with trailing ribbons. Lace doilies rounded and framed each handful of fragrant blooms.  Every girl was to stand straight and took the privilege so seriously, fighting  temptation to swat a few bumble bees who had attended the event as well. The procession took place from the Elementary school to the church’s front steps, then into the church itself.  A long city block, but it made it so significant! It was to honor Jesus’s Virgin birth to a pure and holy Mother who accepted God’s request to be filled with His Holy Spirit, to be overpowered and impregnated with His Son, as a young virgin knowing no man ever before.  Although the tradition strays to self and pomp and circumstance,  Genavieve admired and recognized what an awesome thing Mary did, risking her reputation in those primitive times.  What an example of a woman.  But without the Savior she bore, we would be cast aside as unforgiven sinners, for it was His Life Given for our sacrifice and the forgiveness of our sins.  She hoped that all would observe the root of that truth.  An example Mary gave us, to accept God’s will, and be filled with His Presence, pure and trusting.  We are living tabernacles, after having asked the Saviour to come into our hearts.

Genevieve’s memory went very far back into her sweet childhood, as she could still hear her Mothers voice. A smile and a tear graced Gen’s fair complexion as the memory flooded her mind.   Her Mother was telling her sister that every single girl would have a bouquet this year.  Every one of them would feel special no matter if they were in the procession or not.  As her sister, Earline, questioned her on the decision, her voice was stern and very commanding.  This was something she was going to do, no matter what opposition came her way. As a matter of fact, her work was her very service to acknowledge her thankfulness to God.   So before the event, everyone was informed of the flowers she would receive, and every smile was as beautiful as the lace tied, doily supported gathering of azalea, bridal wreath, lily, and rose bouquets held in their sweet little hands.  A gesture in honor of Our Saviour, and grandparents who also loved flowers, and in honor of the fact that God loves us all the same!  As each had held it so dearly, a look of satisfaction and pleasure and accomplishment came to Genavieve’s mothers face, as well as all who had helped, especially Aunt Earline, whose eyes gleemed in happiness that she was able to help.  She understood now perhaps better than she ever understood anything her sister had ever done before.  Genavieve hoped that all of the recipients of bouquets had known then and now, how special this event was for so many, and asked Jesus to please remind them of that day’s thoughts…and His Undying Love for us all…

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Gifts From Above!

10 April 2013
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A Cool Spring Morning, perfect for outdoor work, weeding, planting, and tidying up. Gen had accomplished extensive progress this day, knowing it was the weather that energized her. She implemented many of the things she had learned from others before her to fill in her flower beds with herbs and medicinal flowers. Her work would produce beauty but more importantly usefulness. The color would be another advantage. Viewing the completion  she sat on the porch, as a contentment came over her. A cool tall glass of lemonade with a sprig of rosemary was placed there for her. Her cousin could not work in the sun, but loved the outdoors as much as Genavieve. Her love and consideration anticipated Gen’s thirst!  She had left her tokens of appreciation by placing Genavieve’s favorite cut glass tumbler filled with a delicious refreshment and a book of poetry along with the chilly drink. A smile broadened on Gen’s sun drenched face as she sunk into the chair for a reading of words that matched her enthusiasm of this day’s efforts. Refreshed in her mind, and body, and soul.  Gifts from God always produce good fruit in all areas.  ” Friends, Family, Knowledge, Work, Contentment, Love… These are gifts from The Heavenly Father above.”…No Artist can replicate these but Our God.

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Heart Inside Out

21 February 2013
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She awoke to a deafening silence, nothing moving, no crickets outside, very still and silent. She was sure it meant something. An instant caution came over her soul, wanting to drift back into complete sleep and at the same time wanting awareness, she was in a partial state somewhere in between. This was a perfect time to commune with her Heavenly Father, the searcher of the inner most being. In the startling silence, she turned her heart inside out to Him as God rearranged her concerns, cared for her needs, set her at peace. The soft linen sheets on the century old bed enveloped her, the feather down in the pillows let her head sink into slumber again…..until her next awakening……

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…As Meat…

11 March 2012

The morning looked truly promising. The air was a bit humid out on the porch, but pleasingly mild. Genavieve opened her Bible to read His encouraging Word for her day…These were Words that many before her lived by.

Genesis 1:29 ~And God said ,Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be as meat.

Leaving the porch she returned to her packing and tucked her Bible into her bag.  She chose her wardrobe carefully, for a two day journey. She would be working and considered the tasks at hand as she packed her bag practically, considering a smart look with durable attire. She chose sturdy fabrics, washable aprons with several pockets and compartments and thick canvas gloves to protect her hands. She would further her knowledge of foraging and recognizing the nourishing and healing herbs that heartily grew this time of year on nearby terrain. She knew instinctively that soon it wouldn’t be as easy to find natural vegetation so close. Nor would it be as easy to find individuals who shared the knowledge that she had received from generations of believers of God’s green herb and flowers, roots and plants for food and healthy living. She finished packing, then went to her work area to check the jars, muslin, the drying racks, strainers, huge pots to boil water, corks, and bottles that had been in use for years.   The gleam of the clean glass urged her to carry on with this timely task, and prepare for the following season when their need would be so appreciated. The tools and supplies of preserving, bottling essences of herbal findings, and useful greens were like treasures to her, handed down from generations. It was all organized and waiting for her return.  Tried and proven, knowledge of gatherings from the earth were useful and needful.  There would be sharing and gaining more information from like-minded individuals in the next few days that would “be as meat” to people in years to follow…

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21 February 2012

U p l i f t e d . . .
enavieve made mental notes of everything she had seen since weeks ago. The town and neighborhood must have gathered and agreed upon just what would be done and accomplished. She would want to do no less for anyone else in grief. The usual notes, cards, baked goods and covered dishes were there, of course, but among them were several other pleasant gestures. Her Great Aunt had been a blessing to many and had taught her also to leave encouraging notes and deeds of thoughtfulness. Many friends included little souvenirs with sympathy. A basket Aunt Ophelia, herself, had woven for a neighbor giving birth that held many little conveniences, had returned. It was found here again in the days after aunties death, but filled with jars of fresh figs and jellies for her family. It’s former recipient felt that the family might like it back in memory of her. Artful sketching on folded paper envelopes were now holding notes to her family in their time of sadness. Hankies embroidered with the utmost detail pressed and perfumed had returned now, as Auntie O made them and had left them upon the laps of many who had grieved in their times of loss. She reminded them it was fine to cry, cleansing to the heart and soul.

Families affected by her death came home to their own yards clipped, walkways edged of debris, assurances that would free them of any tasks while they were tending to details resulting from hurt and loss.  Friends and neighbors could not do enough to express their care. Genavieve noticed rose petals strewn along the sidewalk leading to the entrance of her home. A silent moment seemed to stretch into an afternoon, while she remembered being among many young girls, as “Auntie O” had thrown petals onto the ground in an artful fashion, making a pathway to good thoughts. She gave each girl a jar of flower petals. She told them that the petals would spread joy and happy feelings, and to save them to sprinkle when they were sad. They had brought them here now to spread comfort, a testimony of Ophelia and the wonderful memories she had planted into every heart she had ever known. At the back door, things had been gathered into neat order, as the old primitive table made by an ancestor had been cleaned off next to the steps, there sat flowers in containers from gardens from all over town, and tins filled with non-perishables, as neat and pretty as a picture could hold. The steps swept, the love of the laborers still felt.

God makes no mistakes.  In His Mercy He places the orphan and the widow among families and loved ones. Genavieve was grateful and felt uplifted for being the niece of this woman, placed in this family, and the recipient of all they had done, and becoming a town member where God had placed her years ago.

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(Today’s Post Is In Memory Of Donna Miller Newman)

Aunt Ophelia’s Memoirs

19 February 2012

It was time for Genavieve and all her immediate family to go to the old house on Tripuntia Street to go through her aunts things. They had waited an appropriate amount of time, yet still, they dreaded this task. There would be  emotional irruptions , as there were many who kept them hidden these past weeks. Gen had already visited here with her grandmother after the burial to tidy up before they closed the house until now.  So many heirlooms, memoirs, a treasure of family history, it would take a lifetime to recover every detail.  Her Aunt Ophelia was a keeper of past and present.  No one would have suspected such organization in such a small framed, graceful woman, so polished and proper.  Yet her secret little hiding places were filled with proof of life’s frivolities.  There were her travels, her family and distant kin, and of course the memento’s of every day life that thrilled her.  Caches of related things, cross referenced with numerous events.  Ribbons held old letters in the most fragile envelopes and folding paper.  She was a special angel, a gift from God in Genavieve’s life.  She listened to every word she had shared and planned to record the memories with any keepsakes she found and were allowed to keep.  Unknown to Genavieve, today would unfold some intriguing information that would revisit her in the near future!

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Autumnal Memories

27 October 2011

Genavieve waited just a while longer to go inside. There has always been something magical about the changing of seasons. Not only does it allow you to continue where last season left off, but it encourages new outlooks, energizes one to finish endeavors, and sharpens ones memories of seasonal tradition. The changing of seasons is such a blessing from God, confirmed by His Word, fueled by His blessing. Autumns refreshing brings on a rest of sorts, after it punctuates summers end and energizes one to prepare for Winter. Swinging on the porch, feeling the briskness of the breeze as long as she could, she retreated inside and reached for the drawer of a table in the parlor, settled down onto the setee. She wanted to read the reassuring words once again. She unfolded the letter carefully. Just as Autumn approached, so did her hope. Just as Summer had left, her expectancy returned.

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