Path Of Endurance

4 August 2013
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Travel in wagons drug by horses. The need to move to new territory. Desire to pioneer new life. Quest for religious freedom. Missouri land was difficult to conquer in a horse and wagon. New found information about fertile land by the Mississippi River and the Gulf drew the couple there. The war had it’s tole on everyone…death, loss, injury. Those that were exposed to it’s tragedies at a young and innocent age and survived, pursued life differently than before. They saw boundaries and restrictions in a different light. They married for better and for worse.  Faith kept there solidity intact. They knew they needed to have this new start in life. Esther inherited that faith from them and cherished the stories of their journey south.  Anticipation drowned the occasional fear that would constrict her throat.  Her prayers and determination moved her past fear, which strengthened her and assisted the push forward.  Only after many years of settling into their new home, did Esther realize how God replanted, restored, and redirected her path.  Life never promises perfection….but God promises your abundance of life in His favor, salvation, endurance, longevity.  Esther, on this day, thanked Him for the Life she lived and also the escape from a life she never had to endure, due to His Grace and Mercy.  The story , born out of need, would indeed be told, and pave the path of endurance for generations….

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Zucchini Parmesan Pasta

12 August 2011
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After reading and writing on another blogger’s post, she “coaxed” this out of me, Aha! Maybe you will enjoy this recipe as well:
~Zucchini Parmesan Pasta~
One Stick of butter
Four large (but not seedy) Zucchini Squash, washed and sliced thin
Large clove of garlic, smashed in salt and pulverized with a fork to a paste
One large calamari olive minced
Large basil leaf chopped
Bunch of Shallots, sliced very thin
One pound of fresh as possible whole wheat pasta
Pint of Chicken broth
One quarter cup heavy whipping cream, or a few tablespoons cream cheese,
“Fresh As Possible” Parmesan cheese to taste,
Ground pepper corn to taste
Pinch of Cayenne and Parsley

In large skillet melt the butter, add the sliced zucchini , salt, pepper, and saute’ till tender and slightly transparent
add whites of shallots,(set aside some greens for later) and half the garlic,garlic powder,
basil, and swirl around to saute’, set aside
Have prepared cooked pasta ready to add to saute’
When blended and heated together like a stir fry, add the rest of the garlic and the greens of the shallots and toss in with pasta, add the Parmesan cheese and cream, pour just enough chicken broth to make it juicy, add all seasonings, let set for a few minutes for flavors to blend, garnish with the Olive!
Eat it all, no left overs!

I so hate to hear people suck their teeth after eating in public, but after this it might be hard not to!

Copyright, August 12, 2011, Brenda DeLaune Brown

S. Schultz’s Tool Chest

4 August 2011

S. Shultz…The signature was hardly visible anymore, but etched in straight, capital letters. It looked as though it was almost too tidy and detailed to be on such an old well loved and used Tool Chest. It was on the upper edge of the front, near the lock. Was it the makers name? With all it’s scratched, dented and splintered wood pieces still tightly put together, it was evident of it’s usefulness. Yet, there was a rugged beauty to its rustic cleaned surface. Inside there were aged remnants of things “saved for later”, perhaps salvaged from a once grand piece of furniture. A Plainer that had seen the best of it’s owners talent, a level that still had its balance, an angle still in its holder attached to the chests lid. There were  hinged brackets hand carved to fit it’s previous needs where other tools once had a home. There was a sturdy sacredness from a well aged wooden utilitarian toolbox that surely served “S. Schultz” for many years.  It testified of a hard working craftsman.  It was representation of  the fine workmanship of it’s previous owner. It held any and all useful tools and hardware to make, repair, mend and create.  H.B did not know his ancestor, “S. Schultz” personally, but he was amazed and drawn to it like nothing he had ever seen. As he held the tools, and ran his hands over the old wood, it was as though they were telling him how to use them.   He imagined what had been fashioned by the hands that once held them…He identified with it, and it began to summon up an  outpouring of his own talent.

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25 June 2011

Time invested in a relationship is more volatile than invested money over the years. Money either performs or it doesn’t.

Relationships cause something to move and grow in you, one way or another, whether your investment was a little or a lot, time can never be gotten back, and it produces for the good, or the very opposite.

Seeds planted into good ground produce a good yield, planted into bad ground , it simply dies and withers away.  It is a shame that at times, there is no way to tell how good that soil is, and regretfully, your labor and seed is gone forever.

In all that we do, invest, what we love, how we react…the time invested in prayer is always worth it.  God will direct our footsteps, and light our path.  It is all for the asking….

Accept His “No” and His “Approval” the same…with Joy and Thankfulness, and without fear to move  forward in His Will, not ours.

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13 May 2011

A cool breeze, the smell of blooms in the air, intoxicating scent of the oncoming rain, and its freshness as it leaves.

A smile caught in a split second, approving looks from loved ones, familiarities that promise to be there always.

All these simple things in life, given to us by God’s abundant grace.

These are things that must not be taken for granted. Hold on to them , as they can quickly pass and become sorely missed…Hold closely,

Hold on…

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Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts Copyright Material

14 April 2011

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20 March 2011

Cousins, although not friends, they can be….not like brothers or sisters, but make as good a confidante as if they were! No one can pick families, but they can be the tools in the hand of Almighty God. Sometimes a tool has to scrape and cut you into perfection. Sometimes tools smooth and shape wonderfully! Genavieve was a girl who had many things in life shape her, and cousins were a part of the plan. The very tragedies of life that seem daunting can be the ones that bring the most character. Such was this day in her life, when as a young lady, modesty at it’s hilt, she was visiting with her male cousins at her fraternal grandparents place, playing under the big massive oaks.
A winding road took you to a grand property where the house sat off the road. The grounds were peppered with trees, plants, paths and outbuildings. Among the grandest of oaks sat to the west side of the old house. It made a fine focal point from the screened back porch, where the adults socialized and enjoyed the breeze. It’s massive limbs touched the ground. The limbs could be climbed all the way up the tree into it’s lofty branches. Visits were just a little more special under the tall spreading oak. Today the cousins dared her to run up the low limb faster than ever. With great confidence she started up the limb and reached the “goal” which was a big gray knot in the branch, much like a seat. She sat in it and smiled down at them, when suddenly the rough branch pierced her pantaloons and she slipped. She felt certain that this would result in her fall to the ground. The limb caught the ruffled edge of the cotton underwear , ripping through the outer garment, and she dangled there. Suspended above the ground, upside down, caught on the branch, she dangled like a cocoon in the breeze! Her cousins laughed and said things that hurt her pride, but at last there was one hero who ran to the house for help! Although nice to be cared for, she didn’t enjoy being the center of attention now, as everyone ran to help and detach her bottom from the branch. She was flushed and red from hanging upside down and embarrassment! Running with hands behind her to cover her ripped attire, she fled into the privacy of the dressing room, handing her damaged clothing through the door to be mended quickly! Her boy cousins couldn’t keep themselves from the house now, giggling! They were shoo shooed away in her defense, as she waited for the mend, which seemed to take hours!
When handed back to her, she quickly dressed and announced she was ready to return to her paternal grandparents home at once! Waiting there instead was a generous spread on the farm table of breads and butter, cheeses, figs, preserves and thick glasses filled with fresh creamy milk. There sat her cousins, not laughing, but sweet facial expressions of remorse. They all said they were sorry for laughing and promised they would never do it again. Some wise adult had made the table and left, leaving her with them, knowing things would turn out all right. She shuffled and sat at the far side and helped herself to the feast, deciding that she would somehow win her favor back! As she helped herself to bread with embellishment, she uttered through a faint smile. “Just don’t tell anyone else!” They all laughed and said “Who else is there to tell?” All smiles now, they looked at Genavieve with affection and she quickly recognized it for the first time! Cousins, closer than ever, would begin a true friendship that would pass the uncertain test of time.
Copyright, March 19, 2011, Kindred Hearts Antiques, Brenda D. Brown

Love Life!

12 March 2011

No matter what each day brings, love Life. It is a gift from God above and even if tears well from your eyes and incoherent cries spill from your lips from the depth of your soul, I know, and I can guarantee that there is someone somewhere, that is experiencing worse! The amazing thing is that, yes, some of these souls are still thanking their Creator for the Life that they can still love, even in the most abased situations! That is what contentment is made of, and that would be a beautiful thing to seek.

Copyright, March 12, 2011, Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts, Brenda Brown

…Comings and Goings…

20 February 2011

At a very early age, Genavieve remembered the distant howl and hiss of trains in the distance. Hearing them this cool morning, she followed the sound of whining whistles and clicking of railroad activity to the last trailing sound of it’s predictable departing schedule. Gently awakened, as she lay in a bed of hand stitched quilts, memories emerged of her parents holding onto her hands as they boarded to visit friends, parents and cousins. It flooded her mind. She opened the drawer of the heirloom nightstand, feeling for their photograph to view it in the dim light of the lantern. At times she held her breath wanting to see them again. She knew she was in a familiar dreamlike state of mind. She would remain heavenly minded expecting to see them again.
Today her grandparents would show her where the tracks and station were to solve the mystery of that distant soundtrack she had heard each morning since she had come to stay with them. It wasn’t her first discovery of a railroad station, but it would be her first visit to this one. She had not yet realized how her future would hold so much coming and going from this particular one!

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Genavieve’s Morning

13 January 2011

Genavieve had awaken this fine crisp morning just before Easter with a sense of urgency to savor the remaining cool days left before summers onset. With all of her never ending lists of prevailing endeavors and things to do lurking in the back of her mind, she knew she could afford to carve out one or two private moments to herself. She bid her Maker a Good Morning salutation and had her daily conversation with God, thanking Him for the chance to breathe in life and aware that He had marvelous plans for her, as she faithfully read in His message everyday. The mystery would unfold, as always, containing good and bad moments, but as she learned, He would ,just as He always has, take her one step at a time. His mercy was, very often, in hiding what was to be next in the procession of life. Today she would just thank Him!
Stretching her limbs slowly and deliberately outward allowed her to feel life coursing through her, as she shrugged off the slumber of a wonderful nights sleep. Her legs moved from under the warmth of thickly woven homespun sheets, the coolness of the morning air tingled. Jumping to her feet, her anticipation sharpened as they touched upon the cool wooden floor. She walked past an inviting rocker resisting it’s comfortable look and grabbed a thick shawl to throw over her. Opening the French doors onto the porch she , instead, chose the large wicker and wood carved seat to perch upon and take in the breezy outdoor scent of Spring. Loving this, she opened her book and began to read. Engaged in it’s plot she was unaware that another being was just as engaged in the picturesque view of her beauty upon the porch, her intense look as she absorbed her reading. The graceful simplicity of just being content. Not until her peripheral vision sensed a moving person’s decent, was she aware that she had been gazed upon on by this admiring glance. Two pairs of eyes, for what seemed an undefinable period of time exchanged wordless communication, yet volumes had been spoken. Unaware of the exact length of time he had taken to observe, she could only guess what words could have added to the brief elusive encounter! Little did she know that seasons would pass before she experienced the depth of this glance again. There was a certain knowing that this glance was to be continued. Little else did she know, and that was just as well.

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