Well Worth Seeking

26 July 2017
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Genavieve found herself on her side porch in the morning earlier than usual now, to escape the heat of the summer. As she was reflecting on an all previous thoughts and occurrences, while on this same lovely porch swing, she meditated on Psalm 91. Many times this book of the Bible comforted and guided her.
She brought her thoughts before her Lord and Master, and asked God to help her discern exactly what past events meant. She sought understanding, but did not feel desperate or driven. She sought contentment. She had that knowing inside her heart that her present state, working on her own character, waiting for the next step, was exactly the will of God. With that peace of mind, she also lifted her thoughts of a certain very distinguished male. If God delayed their togetherness, she decided to be thankful, and wait patiently for His perfect timing. She prayed for him and was sure that God was also working on his character too. Delays are not denials, Waiting is not disdainful, patience is more than just a Virtue. Contentment was well worth the seeking.

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July 26th, 2017

The Letter

13 September 2011

Genavieve’s slightly squinted expression as she faced a beautifully sunlit day hid a curious glance as her eyes peered from under her positioned hands over her brows. She thought she had seen a quick little step in her Aunt’s stride toward her. She was holding something in her hand as she brought it at arms length the closer she was in her approach. Finally as it was placed in her hands, she clutched it for a while, as she saw the handwriting on the addressed and neatly folded paper. Her Aunt smiled and brought her back to it’s attention. “I will leave you with this, child! There is tea prepared in the parlor, mustn’t let it get cold. There is privacy there as well.” She placed a sweet gentle kiss on Gen’s head and walked away, giving a slight glance backwards to observe Gen’s reaction. Genavieve had just decided this past week that she would not waste anymore time guessing or speculating about H.B.’s where abouts and his non existing explanation. She took a shallow breath in and a long exhale before she slowly unattached the flap on the folded letter. She walked slowly to the parlor, as she did feel the need to sit and come in from under the sun’s heat. The tea was indeed there, just as she liked it, with embellishments. Her aunt had purposely thought of every preference she had, anticipating this would be a moment to be allowed to slowly unfold. She took her time, positioning her self in her favorite velvet chair by the table set for her. Holding the letter in her hand she read slowly as it started…”My Dearest Fair Genavieve….”

Steadfast Perspective

11 September 2011

It had been many months since she had thought of her disappointment. Genavieve was very adept at putting things in perspective. She always had more logic than her piers. This was very disconcerting to some gentlemen, as they never expected an intelligent involvement when starting conversation. She was bored with most of it.  It only took one look at one’s eyes to locate the position one took.  That is why she almost instantly connected with the glances of H.B.’s eye contact. There was more depth in a simple exchange of expressions than several moments of attempting to make conversation with a shallow minded male.  With that expectancy, she felt the sting of disappointing reality, that there were unexplained mysteries about this man.  Guarding her heart, she continued on into the future.  God had made plans for her long before she entered this world, on that she could rely on, and did.  Without any presumption, she embraced the surety of ongoing life, with expectancy all the same!  She would just make sure she was ultra selective concerning any new thing entering her life…And when her mind wandered, when alone at night, she reminded herself of her steadfast decision.

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Placed In The Right Hands

5 September 2011

Kneeling before a very wise older woman, she looked into her gleaming eyes, aged but none the less excited to see new life, a new generation, and satisfied with what life she had known. Genavieve drank in all the wisdom she could from this elder’s years of much more primitive decades. Watching this lovely aging relative gracefully rocking in her chair, she gracefully drew herself up to walk despite the difficulty in movement. She told her to wait right there because she had something she had saved for her. In an attempt to get something down from the tall armoire in her bedroom, Genavieve quickly came to help her remove a tightly woven old basket. In it were snippets of ribbon, lace and buttons. Only the most useful and beautiful objects made it into this old basket. She placed it in Gen’s hands and edified her in her abilities to put these to good use. Reminding her that these were passed down from many seamstresses, she encouraged Genavieve to only include them on very special creations.  Gen knew exactly where a few of the Mother Of Pearl buttons would find a new home!  These may be just small little things, perhaps insignificant to some.  As this wise woman put the basket of treasure  into the right hands, she knew they would become something special.  Small, but important!  They would finish a most beautiful and timely creation…

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…This She Can Do…

25 August 2011

It was time, past time, actually…Moments like these are when we instruct our very being to move, to push forward, to act on plans and follow your own instructions. Genavieve chose fine textiles and materials ,collected on many trips and many places, out of her linen cabinet.  As she pulled several bundles out, a few muslin sacks of lavender fell at her feet.  She collected them and snuggled them between folded materials to keep them fresh. Making something would be soothing  and good for her right now.  She had been mistaken, or had misunderstood.  She regrettably admitted that she had simply been stood up.   If it was the latter, she hoped a good reason would surface very soon.  She fought back and forth in her mind to give H.B. the benefit of many doubts, or to be angry and disappointed.  She had always been taught to pour one’s self into a project, do good and not evil, occupy the mind, and to think upon good things. There would be a social at church in a month, and she would be serving and  arrive in a new outfit that was cheerful and uplifting, not dull and lifeless. She lay out the ensemble of materials before her, planned the measurements, and went by sheer memory of the fine fashion she and her companions had witnessed on their last trip. She placed it upon her manikin.  She drew lines, pinned, tucked and cut away the excess. Every cut of the scissors went as she planned. This she could do. Every skillful curve was accurate, this she could control. Every stitch was straight and perfect, that she could predict.  Every pin assured her that this sewn garment would go as planned. The trim and fabric coordinated and complimented, composing a perfect image. Concentrating on the creation wasn’t hard.  Abandoning the thought of a disappointing let down was heart wrenching.

After hours of work, she finally took the garment into her hands, pulling it up and around her. There were  traces of the lavender’s soothing scent. She carefully lifted it off her vintage manikin, an inherited pin marked and beautifully worn surfaced tool from seamstresses in her family.  She tried on the dress in front of the swivel mirror, she looked pleased to see it’s completion. All that it would need is the right trim and handed down buttons of beautiful mother of pearl. It’s making was time well spent instead of sulking. It also made a statement of the independence she would need in the weeks to come.  She planned on it’s great fit and fashionable looks to boost her confidence.  She planned on her faith in God to get her through much more!  Yes, that much she could do!

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19 July 2011

At times one is aware of every detail of their personage. Other times, one is not in need of self consciousnesses, but to simply move as the heart directs. There are also times when one waits on Wisdom, and dare not trust any other emotion or detail. It is actually a balance of these that promotes grace and confidence. This special day, Genavieve was aware of every breath and the length there of. She felt the pulse of her blood rushing through her veins as she poised in joyful expression. She felt every tooth in her opalescent smile, and wondered if she would choke in nervousness. She gracefully held out her hand, enclosed in the most sheer and delicate covering of fine silken gloves, to be taken and gently held in a friendly greeting. As her suitor bowed and left just a whisper of a respectful kiss on the front of her hand, it seemed to press every nerve ending as if to linger for minutes. It was not until she saw how he was affected also, that she relaxed, being pleased that the interest was obviously mutual…
What words would spill from her emotions out of her lips?
Extended into timeless moments, their gaze was simply enough. It was preeminent in a lasting chain of events to come.  Awareness was there, but could words even contain it?  She was keenly aware that Wisdom would best dictate what was to follow.

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19 June 2011

The homespun shawl of her Aunt’s draped around Genavieve’s shoulders. She rocked in rhythm to the sounds of birds and wind and distant conversation. The sway of trees were like paint brushes of an artist, a mighty hand of skill, painting the details of this fine day. Her stay with relatives this week brought many events to mind.  Her thoughts went back to the afternoons social visits with friends arriving to meet her.

The trip there was just a little over half a day.  She had carefully dressed to meet company, gathered her hair in a tasteful knot with just a trail of wistful curls at her neck. The ironed creases of her cotton linen were precise.  She felt reasonably confident to face the days agenda.  She helped her aunt and friends conduct a most pleasant tea for visitors, and as they sat to enjoy, still there were new arrivals.  The unexpected cool in the air was just enough for the shawl.  Sitting snugly on a velvet antique chair, she looked as though her portrait were being made.   She could not have picked a better pose to be seen in by the young man entering the front door.  His umbrella and hat being taken by the hostess, hung by the door on a coatrack.  His hands straightening out the cuffs of his starched and ironed shirt, then touching his tightly wavy hair, his glance instantly found hers.   She froze into the minutes between eye contact and the upward slant of her lips into a demure and lovely smile.  She did not know he was coming there that day.

Oh, how she loved and at the same time cringed at these surprises in life.  She always wanted to be prepared for everything.  She knew that most of the unexpected could never improve with preparation.  This afternoon would prove that to be one of those times….

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14 June 2011

If your Grandmother said it, it was true! No one dared to verify it!  If your Grandfather said it was so, it was concrete and you could stand firmly on it as the truth!   Families knowing other families trusted each other and that was never questioned. When someone new came along, they were kindly tested. If they had the courage to stay and endure it, and was considered as accepted, the test did not end. One did not feel threatened by this, it only reinforced your worth. Common sense was probably your greatest inheritance!  One generation looked after the next with an exuberant sense of purpose. If you stood firm in your place and had nothing to hide, your place in legendary history was a link. Link after link, generation after generation. One legend was a building block upon another in time. Sometimes one knows what step comes next  instinctively. Call it God’s will or fate, prophetical or Divine Providence, one could not tear themselves away from that path if they tried.  As for H.B. and Genavieve’s legend the beginning of it was as lovely as it’s    u n e n d i n g    p r o v i d e n c e …

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Exceeding Value

30 May 2011

…Set your affections upon things of heaven, and not on the things of this earth…

As H.B. walked through the mayhem of people scrambling to recover their surviving belongings and goods, he saw a man prostrate on his stomach, going through rubble to find his wife’s gold ring.  There were tear filled eyes searching for any family heirloom pieces of silver, remnants of precious garments, anything that could be found in the cacophony of  blown down and splintered dwellings. Many would be making the decision to keep, or to sell, to start over.  Anything of worth was salvaged, but for most in this area of town, a new beginning would be best to concentrate on.

Coming home was to have been a new life for him, storm or no storm.  H.B. searched for a certain pair of eyes,  exceeding the value of silver or gold.  He had not yet seen them since the storm, and he positively set out on a mission  to  f i n d   t h e m…

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24 May 2011

…Seeing as how everyone was into their own concerns these past days, H.B. didn’t take it personal when there was no welcoming committee ,or flags and fanfare, waiting for him at the train depot. At least there was a depot still standing, a quick look at places along the way  indicated a lot of damage to some of the oldest and most beautiful structures in history.  War, weather…just two of many things capable of whisking away what we take for granted. Uncertainty seemed to replace every surety and predictability in his life right now.  It would, however, become a springboard for his leap of faith into his future…

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