14 June 2011

If your Grandmother said it, it was true! No one dared to verify it!  If your Grandfather said it was so, it was concrete and you could stand firmly on it as the truth!   Families knowing other families trusted each other and that was never questioned. When someone new came along, they were kindly tested. If they had the courage to stay and endure it, and was considered as accepted, the test did not end. One did not feel threatened by this, it only reinforced your worth. Common sense was probably your greatest inheritance!  One generation looked after the next with an exuberant sense of purpose. If you stood firm in your place and had nothing to hide, your place in legendary history was a link. Link after link, generation after generation. One legend was a building block upon another in time. Sometimes one knows what step comes next  instinctively. Call it God’s will or fate, prophetical or Divine Providence, one could not tear themselves away from that path if they tried.  As for H.B. and Genavieve’s legend the beginning of it was as lovely as it’s    u n e n d i n g    p r o v i d e n c e …

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