19 June 2011

The homespun shawl of her Aunt’s draped around Genavieve’s shoulders. She rocked in rhythm to the sounds of birds and wind and distant conversation. The sway of trees were like paint brushes of an artist, a mighty hand of skill, painting the details of this fine day. Her stay with relatives this week brought many events to mind.  Her thoughts went back to the afternoons social visits with friends arriving to meet her.

The trip there was just a little over half a day.  She had carefully dressed to meet company, gathered her hair in a tasteful knot with just a trail of wistful curls at her neck. The ironed creases of her cotton linen were precise.  She felt reasonably confident to face the days agenda.  She helped her aunt and friends conduct a most pleasant tea for visitors, and as they sat to enjoy, still there were new arrivals.  The unexpected cool in the air was just enough for the shawl.  Sitting snugly on a velvet antique chair, she looked as though her portrait were being made.   She could not have picked a better pose to be seen in by the young man entering the front door.  His umbrella and hat being taken by the hostess, hung by the door on a coatrack.  His hands straightening out the cuffs of his starched and ironed shirt, then touching his tightly wavy hair, his glance instantly found hers.   She froze into the minutes between eye contact and the upward slant of her lips into a demure and lovely smile.  She did not know he was coming there that day.

Oh, how she loved and at the same time cringed at these surprises in life.  She always wanted to be prepared for everything.  She knew that most of the unexpected could never improve with preparation.  This afternoon would prove that to be one of those times….

Copyright, June 20, 2011, Kindred Hearts Antiques, Brenda DeLaune Brown

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