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May Procession

27 May 2013

Thoughts  on A Beautiful May Morning

May is always an eventful month, as everyone made lists of things to accomplish. One of these fond memories were May processions! Looked upon by some as just a frivolous thing, but many young girls loved the thought of starched and ironed frilly dresses and lining up precisely and carrying bouquets of fresh flowers with trailing ribbons. Lace doilies rounded and framed each handful of fragrant blooms.  Every girl was to stand straight and took the privilege so seriously, fighting  temptation to swat a few bumble bees who had attended the event as well. The procession took place from the Elementary school to the church’s front steps, then into the church itself.  A long city block, but it made it so significant! It was to honor Jesus’s Virgin birth to a pure and holy Mother who accepted God’s request to be filled with His Holy Spirit, to be overpowered and impregnated with His Son, as a young virgin knowing no man ever before.  Although the tradition strays to self and pomp and circumstance,  Genavieve admired and recognized what an awesome thing Mary did, risking her reputation in those primitive times.  What an example of a woman.  But without the Savior she bore, we would be cast aside as unforgiven sinners, for it was His Life Given for our sacrifice and the forgiveness of our sins.  She hoped that all would observe the root of that truth.  An example Mary gave us, to accept God’s will, and be filled with His Presence, pure and trusting.  We are living tabernacles, after having asked the Saviour to come into our hearts.

Genevieve’s memory went very far back into her sweet childhood, as she could still hear her Mothers voice. A smile and a tear graced Gen’s fair complexion as the memory flooded her mind.   Her Mother was telling her sister that every single girl would have a bouquet this year.  Every one of them would feel special no matter if they were in the procession or not.  As her sister, Earline, questioned her on the decision, her voice was stern and very commanding.  This was something she was going to do, no matter what opposition came her way. As a matter of fact, her work was her very service to acknowledge her thankfulness to God.   So before the event, everyone was informed of the flowers she would receive, and every smile was as beautiful as the lace tied, doily supported gathering of azalea, bridal wreath, lily, and rose bouquets held in their sweet little hands.  A gesture in honor of Our Saviour, and grandparents who also loved flowers, and in honor of the fact that God loves us all the same!  As each had held it so dearly, a look of satisfaction and pleasure and accomplishment came to Genavieve’s mothers face, as well as all who had helped, especially Aunt Earline, whose eyes gleemed in happiness that she was able to help.  She understood now perhaps better than she ever understood anything her sister had ever done before.  Genavieve hoped that all of the recipients of bouquets had known then and now, how special this event was for so many, and asked Jesus to please remind them of that day’s thoughts…and His Undying Love for us all…

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