19 July 2011

At times one is aware of every detail of their personage. Other times, one is not in need of self consciousnesses, but to simply move as the heart directs. There are also times when one waits on Wisdom, and dare not trust any other emotion or detail. It is actually a balance of these that promotes grace and confidence. This special day, Genavieve was aware of every breath and the length there of. She felt the pulse of her blood rushing through her veins as she poised in joyful expression. She felt every tooth in her opalescent smile, and wondered if she would choke in nervousness. She gracefully held out her hand, enclosed in the most sheer and delicate covering of fine silken gloves, to be taken and gently held in a friendly greeting. As her suitor bowed and left just a whisper of a respectful kiss on the front of her hand, it seemed to press every nerve ending as if to linger for minutes. It was not until she saw how he was affected also, that she relaxed, being pleased that the interest was obviously mutual…
What words would spill from her emotions out of her lips?
Extended into timeless moments, their gaze was simply enough. It was preeminent in a lasting chain of events to come.  Awareness was there, but could words even contain it?  She was keenly aware that Wisdom would best dictate what was to follow.

This post and the Story of Genavieve and H.B. is Copyrighted by Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts, July 19, 2011, Brenda DeLaune Brown

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  1. That’s way more clever than I was execptnig. Thanks!

  2. simply amazing lol

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