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…This She Can Do…

25 August 2011

It was time, past time, actually…Moments like these are when we instruct our very being to move, to push forward, to act on plans and follow your own instructions. Genavieve chose fine textiles and materials ,collected on many trips and many places, out of her linen cabinet.  As she pulled several bundles out, a few muslin sacks of lavender fell at her feet.  She collected them and snuggled them between folded materials to keep them fresh. Making something would be soothing  and good for her right now.  She had been mistaken, or had misunderstood.  She regrettably admitted that she had simply been stood up.   If it was the latter, she hoped a good reason would surface very soon.  She fought back and forth in her mind to give H.B. the benefit of many doubts, or to be angry and disappointed.  She had always been taught to pour one’s self into a project, do good and not evil, occupy the mind, and to think upon good things. There would be a social at church in a month, and she would be serving and  arrive in a new outfit that was cheerful and uplifting, not dull and lifeless. She lay out the ensemble of materials before her, planned the measurements, and went by sheer memory of the fine fashion she and her companions had witnessed on their last trip. She placed it upon her manikin.  She drew lines, pinned, tucked and cut away the excess. Every cut of the scissors went as she planned. This she could do. Every skillful curve was accurate, this she could control. Every stitch was straight and perfect, that she could predict.  Every pin assured her that this sewn garment would go as planned. The trim and fabric coordinated and complimented, composing a perfect image. Concentrating on the creation wasn’t hard.  Abandoning the thought of a disappointing let down was heart wrenching.

After hours of work, she finally took the garment into her hands, pulling it up and around her. There were  traces of the lavender’s soothing scent. She carefully lifted it off her vintage manikin, an inherited pin marked and beautifully worn surfaced tool from seamstresses in her family.  She tried on the dress in front of the swivel mirror, she looked pleased to see it’s completion. All that it would need is the right trim and handed down buttons of beautiful mother of pearl. It’s making was time well spent instead of sulking. It also made a statement of the independence she would need in the weeks to come.  She planned on it’s great fit and fashionable looks to boost her confidence.  She planned on her faith in God to get her through much more!  Yes, that much she could do!

Copyright, Aug 23, 2011, Kindred Hearts Antiques, Brenda DeLaune Brown

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