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Placed In The Right Hands

5 September 2011

Kneeling before a very wise older woman, she looked into her gleaming eyes, aged but none the less excited to see new life, a new generation, and satisfied with what life she had known. Genavieve drank in all the wisdom she could from this elder’s years of much more primitive decades. Watching this lovely aging relative gracefully rocking in her chair, she gracefully drew herself up to walk despite the difficulty in movement. She told her to wait right there because she had something she had saved for her. In an attempt to get something down from the tall armoire in her bedroom, Genavieve quickly came to help her remove a tightly woven old basket. In it were snippets of ribbon, lace and buttons. Only the most useful and beautiful objects made it into this old basket. She placed it in Gen’s hands and edified her in her abilities to put these to good use. Reminding her that these were passed down from many seamstresses, she encouraged Genavieve to only include them on very special creations.  Gen knew exactly where a few of the Mother Of Pearl buttons would find a new home!  These may be just small little things, perhaps insignificant to some.  As this wise woman put the basket of treasure  into the right hands, she knew they would become something special.  Small, but important!  They would finish a most beautiful and timely creation…

Copyright, March 5, 2016, Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts, Brenda DeLaune Brown

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