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Steadfast Perspective

11 September 2011

It had been many months since she had thought of her disappointment. Genavieve was very adept at putting things in perspective. She always had more logic than her piers. This was very disconcerting to some gentlemen, as they never expected an intelligent involvement when starting conversation. She was bored with most of it.  It only took one look at one’s eyes to locate the position one took.  That is why she almost instantly connected with the glances of H.B.’s eye contact. There was more depth in a simple exchange of expressions than several moments of attempting to make conversation with a shallow minded male.  With that expectancy, she felt the sting of disappointing reality, that there were unexplained mysteries about this man.  Guarding her heart, she continued on into the future.  God had made plans for her long before she entered this world, on that she could rely on, and did.  Without any presumption, she embraced the surety of ongoing life, with expectancy all the same!  She would just make sure she was ultra selective concerning any new thing entering her life…And when her mind wandered, when alone at night, she reminded herself of her steadfast decision.

Copyright, Brenda DeLaune Brown, Sept 11, 2011  Kindred Hearts Antiques

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