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On Target

17 September 2011

Young Genavieve examined a wonderfully illustrated book about Indian bows and arrows.  She loved to read while waiting on the train. As she heard the hissing sounds, and clicking of the tracks, she pulled her leather strap close and lugged her tapestry bag to the shuttle. She wished the train could fly far and high above the noise and fumes and like an arrow, arriving to her destination in a fraction of the time it would take to reach her cousin by railroad!  She sat between her Mother, who kissed her cheek, and her Father, who patted her leg.  Her parents had planned these trips in detail.  She knew they would tell her everything about each town they traveled through in as much as they knew about them.  They had a wonderful future in mind for their daughter.  Travel and Education were a part of it.  However;  no one knows what certainty the future holds.  Faith and determination go further than one can know.  Genavieve was likened to an arrow carefully chosen from it’s quiver, placed strategically in a strong bow, pulled safely back and kept on target.  Some premature situations caused her thrust into life’s happenings sooner than planned.  But the aiming was sure, and the goal was still on target.  God would guide this young and strong arrow as He intended, no matter what the circumstances were.

Copyright, September 17, 2011, Brenda DeLaune Brown, Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts

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