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Path Of Endurance

4 August 2013

Travel in wagons drug by horses. The need to move to new territory. Desire to pioneer new life. Quest for religious freedom. Missouri land was difficult to conquer in a horse and wagon. New found information about fertile land by the Mississippi River and the Gulf drew the couple there. The war had it’s tole on everyone…death, loss, injury. Those that were exposed to it’s tragedies at a young and innocent age and survived, pursued life differently than before. They saw boundaries and restrictions in a different light. They married for better and for worse.  Faith kept there solidity intact. They knew they needed to have this new start in life. Esther inherited that faith from them and cherished the stories of their journey south.  Anticipation drowned the occasional fear that would constrict her throat.  Her prayers and determination moved her past fear, which strengthened her and assisted the push forward.  Only after many years of settling into their new home, did Esther realize how God replanted, restored, and redirected her path.  Life never promises perfection….but God promises your abundance of life in His favor, salvation, endurance, longevity.  Esther, on this day, thanked Him for the Life she lived and also the escape from a life she never had to endure, due to His Grace and Mercy.  The story , born out of need, would indeed be told, and pave the path of endurance for generations….

Copyright, Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts, Brenda DeLaune Brown, 2013

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