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Autumnal Memories

27 October 2011

Genavieve waited just a while longer to go inside. There has always been something magical about the changing of seasons. Not only does it allow you to continue where last season left off, but it encourages new outlooks, energizes one to finish endeavors, and sharpens ones memories of seasonal tradition. The changing of seasons is such a blessing from God, confirmed by His Word, fueled by His blessing. Autumns refreshing brings on a rest of sorts, after it punctuates summers end and energizes one to prepare for Winter. Swinging on the porch, feeling the briskness of the breeze as long as she could, she retreated inside and reached for the drawer of a table in the parlor, settled down onto the setee. She wanted to read the reassuring words once again. She unfolded the letter carefully. Just as Autumn approached, so did her hope. Just as Summer had left, her expectancy returned.

Copyright, Oct 27, 2011, Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts, Brenda DeLaune Brown

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