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Aunt Ophelia’s Memoirs

19 February 2012

It was time for Genavieve and all her immediate family to go to the old house on Tripuntia Street to go through her aunts things. They had waited an appropriate amount of time, yet still, they dreaded this task. There would be  emotional irruptions , as there were many who kept them hidden these past weeks. Gen had already visited here with her grandmother after the burial to tidy up before they closed the house until now.  So many heirlooms, memoirs, a treasure of family history, it would take a lifetime to recover every detail.  Her Aunt Ophelia was a keeper of past and present.  No one would have suspected such organization in such a small framed, graceful woman, so polished and proper.  Yet her secret little hiding places were filled with proof of life’s frivolities.  There were her travels, her family and distant kin, and of course the memento’s of every day life that thrilled her.  Caches of related things, cross referenced with numerous events.  Ribbons held old letters in the most fragile envelopes and folding paper.  She was a special angel, a gift from God in Genavieve’s life.  She listened to every word she had shared and planned to record the memories with any keepsakes she found and were allowed to keep.  Unknown to Genavieve, today would unfold some intriguing information that would revisit her in the near future!

Copyright, Feb 19, 2012, Kindred Hearts Antiques, Brenda DeLaune Brown

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