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Heart Inside Out

21 February 2013

She awoke to a deafening silence, nothing moving, no crickets outside, very still and silent. She was sure it meant something. An instant caution came over her soul, wanting to drift back into complete sleep and at the same time wanting awareness, she was in a partial state somewhere in between. This was a perfect time to commune with her Heavenly Father, the searcher of the inner most being. In the startling silence, she turned her heart inside out to Him as God rearranged her concerns, cared for her needs, set her at peace. The soft linen sheets on the century old bed enveloped her, the feather down in the pillows let her head sink into slumber again…..until her next awakening……

Copyright, Mar, 2013, Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts, Brenda DeLaune Brown

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