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Gifts From Above!

10 April 2013

A Cool Spring Morning, perfect for outdoor work, weeding, planting, and tidying up. Gen had accomplished extensive progress this day, knowing it was the weather that energized her. She implemented many of the things she had learned from others before her to fill in her flower beds with herbs and medicinal flowers. Her work would produce beauty but more importantly usefulness. The color would be another advantage. Viewing the completion  she sat on the porch, as a contentment came over her. A cool tall glass of lemonade with a sprig of rosemary was placed there for her. Her cousin could not work in the sun, but loved the outdoors as much as Genavieve. Her love and consideration anticipated Gen’s thirst!  She had left her tokens of appreciation by placing Genavieve’s favorite cut glass tumbler filled with a delicious refreshment and a book of poetry along with the chilly drink. A smile broadened on Gen’s sun drenched face as she sunk into the chair for a reading of words that matched her enthusiasm of this day’s efforts. Refreshed in her mind, and body, and soul.  Gifts from God always produce good fruit in all areas.  ” Friends, Family, Knowledge, Work, Contentment, Love… These are gifts from The Heavenly Father above.”…No Artist can replicate these but Our God.

*Copyright, April 10, 2013, Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts, Brenda DeLaune Brown

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