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Lovely Potential

14 June 2013

Taking in every second, Genavieve followed the metal signs…”Silks, Threads, Needles, Lace, Buttons, Cotton”…Yards and Yards of tasteful, beautiful threads woven into some of the most lovely materials and embellishments! Genavieve ran her fingers through them, admiring the quality of so much lovely potential for dressmaking! She, her cousins, and her aunts had traveled a distance just to find something different than the local sources in her town. Traders and buyers, business people and families hustled around the busy streets, in and out of shops and mercantiles, bakeries, and markets. It was exciting to see, yet just a little frightful! As time was passing, they made their final decisions on where to return to purchase what they had found as their favorite selections. They gingerly checked off lists of needs to create the garments they had envisioned for Easter season and the upcoming summer months. Such stylish selections were not available in the small town they would soon return to as the clock was ticking. Counting the costs and preparing to purchase was such a tantalizing challenge for Genavieve and she loved it. She would return home with the most for what her pocketbook held, prepared to share her findings! Clutching onto her bags and boxes as she boarded the train, there was a faint smile on her face of satisfaction as she finally sunk into her seat. The way home was made pleasant by conversations of the many things they had seen on this very fine day! The picturesque view of scenes whirring by, as she looked beyond the smiling faces of her loved ones, as the journey home shortened with every clicking sound of the traintrack beneath them.

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