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Well Worth Seeking

26 July 2017

Genavieve found herself on her side porch in the morning earlier than usual now, to escape the heat of the summer. As she was reflecting on an all previous thoughts and occurrences, while on this same lovely porch swing, she meditated on Psalm 91. Many times this book of the Bible comforted and guided her.
She brought her thoughts before her Lord and Master, and asked God to help her discern exactly what past events meant. She sought understanding, but did not feel desperate or driven. She sought contentment. She had that knowing inside her heart that her present state, working on her own character, waiting for the next step, was exactly the will of God. With that peace of mind, she also lifted her thoughts of a certain very distinguished male. If God delayed their togetherness, she decided to be thankful, and wait patiently for His perfect timing. She prayed for him and was sure that God was also working on his character too. Delays are not denials, Waiting is not disdainful, patience is more than just a Virtue. Contentment was well worth the seeking.

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July 26th, 2017

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