On Target

17 September 2011
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Young Genavieve examined a wonderfully illustrated book about Indian bows and arrows.  She loved to read while waiting on the train. As she heard the hissing sounds, and clicking of the tracks, she pulled her leather strap close and lugged her tapestry bag to the shuttle. She wished the train could fly far and high above the noise and fumes and like an arrow, arriving to her destination in a fraction of the time it would take to reach her cousin by railroad!  She sat between her Mother, who kissed her cheek, and her Father, who patted her leg.  Her parents had planned these trips in detail.  She knew they would tell her everything about each town they traveled through in as much as they knew about them.  They had a wonderful future in mind for their daughter.  Travel and Education were a part of it.  However;  no one knows what certainty the future holds.  Faith and determination go further than one can know.  Genavieve was likened to an arrow carefully chosen from it’s quiver, placed strategically in a strong bow, pulled safely back and kept on target.  Some premature situations caused her thrust into life’s happenings sooner than planned.  But the aiming was sure, and the goal was still on target.  God would guide this young and strong arrow as He intended, no matter what the circumstances were.

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The Letter

13 September 2011

Genavieve’s slightly squinted expression as she faced a beautifully sunlit day hid a curious glance as her eyes peered from under her positioned hands over her brows. She thought she had seen a quick little step in her Aunt’s stride toward her. She was holding something in her hand as she brought it at arms length the closer she was in her approach. Finally as it was placed in her hands, she clutched it for a while, as she saw the handwriting on the addressed and neatly folded paper. Her Aunt smiled and brought her back to it’s attention. “I will leave you with this, child! There is tea prepared in the parlor, mustn’t let it get cold. There is privacy there as well.” She placed a sweet gentle kiss on Gen’s head and walked away, giving a slight glance backwards to observe Gen’s reaction. Genavieve had just decided this past week that she would not waste anymore time guessing or speculating about H.B.’s where abouts and his non existing explanation. She took a shallow breath in and a long exhale before she slowly unattached the flap on the folded letter. She walked slowly to the parlor, as she did feel the need to sit and come in from under the sun’s heat. The tea was indeed there, just as she liked it, with embellishments. Her aunt had purposely thought of every preference she had, anticipating this would be a moment to be allowed to slowly unfold. She took her time, positioning her self in her favorite velvet chair by the table set for her. Holding the letter in her hand she read slowly as it started…”My Dearest Fair Genavieve….”

Steadfast Perspective

11 September 2011

It had been many months since she had thought of her disappointment. Genavieve was very adept at putting things in perspective. She always had more logic than her piers. This was very disconcerting to some gentlemen, as they never expected an intelligent involvement when starting conversation. She was bored with most of it.  It only took one look at one’s eyes to locate the position one took.  That is why she almost instantly connected with the glances of H.B.’s eye contact. There was more depth in a simple exchange of expressions than several moments of attempting to make conversation with a shallow minded male.  With that expectancy, she felt the sting of disappointing reality, that there were unexplained mysteries about this man.  Guarding her heart, she continued on into the future.  God had made plans for her long before she entered this world, on that she could rely on, and did.  Without any presumption, she embraced the surety of ongoing life, with expectancy all the same!  She would just make sure she was ultra selective concerning any new thing entering her life…And when her mind wandered, when alone at night, she reminded herself of her steadfast decision.

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Placed In The Right Hands

5 September 2011

Kneeling before a very wise older woman, she looked into her gleaming eyes, aged but none the less excited to see new life, a new generation, and satisfied with what life she had known. Genavieve drank in all the wisdom she could from this elder’s years of much more primitive decades. Watching this lovely aging relative gracefully rocking in her chair, she gracefully drew herself up to walk despite the difficulty in movement. She told her to wait right there because she had something she had saved for her. In an attempt to get something down from the tall armoire in her bedroom, Genavieve quickly came to help her remove a tightly woven old basket. In it were snippets of ribbon, lace and buttons. Only the most useful and beautiful objects made it into this old basket. She placed it in Gen’s hands and edified her in her abilities to put these to good use. Reminding her that these were passed down from many seamstresses, she encouraged Genavieve to only include them on very special creations.  Gen knew exactly where a few of the Mother Of Pearl buttons would find a new home!  These may be just small little things, perhaps insignificant to some.  As this wise woman put the basket of treasure  into the right hands, she knew they would become something special.  Small, but important!  They would finish a most beautiful and timely creation…

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…This She Can Do…

25 August 2011

It was time, past time, actually…Moments like these are when we instruct our very being to move, to push forward, to act on plans and follow your own instructions. Genavieve chose fine textiles and materials ,collected on many trips and many places, out of her linen cabinet.  As she pulled several bundles out, a few muslin sacks of lavender fell at her feet.  She collected them and snuggled them between folded materials to keep them fresh. Making something would be soothing  and good for her right now.  She had been mistaken, or had misunderstood.  She regrettably admitted that she had simply been stood up.   If it was the latter, she hoped a good reason would surface very soon.  She fought back and forth in her mind to give H.B. the benefit of many doubts, or to be angry and disappointed.  She had always been taught to pour one’s self into a project, do good and not evil, occupy the mind, and to think upon good things. There would be a social at church in a month, and she would be serving and  arrive in a new outfit that was cheerful and uplifting, not dull and lifeless. She lay out the ensemble of materials before her, planned the measurements, and went by sheer memory of the fine fashion she and her companions had witnessed on their last trip. She placed it upon her manikin.  She drew lines, pinned, tucked and cut away the excess. Every cut of the scissors went as she planned. This she could do. Every skillful curve was accurate, this she could control. Every stitch was straight and perfect, that she could predict.  Every pin assured her that this sewn garment would go as planned. The trim and fabric coordinated and complimented, composing a perfect image. Concentrating on the creation wasn’t hard.  Abandoning the thought of a disappointing let down was heart wrenching.

After hours of work, she finally took the garment into her hands, pulling it up and around her. There were  traces of the lavender’s soothing scent. She carefully lifted it off her vintage manikin, an inherited pin marked and beautifully worn surfaced tool from seamstresses in her family.  She tried on the dress in front of the swivel mirror, she looked pleased to see it’s completion. All that it would need is the right trim and handed down buttons of beautiful mother of pearl. It’s making was time well spent instead of sulking. It also made a statement of the independence she would need in the weeks to come.  She planned on it’s great fit and fashionable looks to boost her confidence.  She planned on her faith in God to get her through much more!  Yes, that much she could do!

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Eaves Dropping

14 August 2011
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Lois’s parents, Paul and Melody, were smiling at each other as they listened to her and Genavieve’s low voices, heads low and their lips speaking towards each others ears. When they had heard of Genavieve’s fearful moment and late arrival, they made a plan to have the older siblings ride with her all the way home.  They were proud of their daughter and her friend, all their interests in practical ,sound things and high moral standards.  They were astounded by Genavieve’s thoughtful gifts she had brought with her, outnumbering even her own personal items she had packed.  They gave them a few more moments alone out on the back porch before interrupting with further plans for the day.  They had certainly planned for Genavieve  to return home with gifts from their farm exceeding the generosity she had shown them.  Of course, they anticipated Lois’s request to stay on a day with Genavieve!

Copyright, Aug 14, 2011, Brenda DeLaune Brown, Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts

Told In Detail

13 August 2011

For an instance Genavieve blinked and roused from her sleep, she listened intently, wondering if she had really heard a knock. She lifted her head slightly off of the fragrant embroidered pillowcase on the soft down pillow that cradled her head all night and into the early morning. The nights sleep was so lovely in the guest room of Lois’s home. Fruit had been arranged in an old earthen crock bowl, placed artfully on the nightstand, along with Irish laced edge handkerchief’s and a vase of freshly picked roses and japonica’s. The lovely sight of them was as beautiful as it’s scent. A hand made quilt in the most carefully picked floral prints and solids laid at the foot of the rich wood carved bed. Her homespun sheets were saved for company, and she felt privileged to be between them. She had carefully washed in cool water from the large bowl and pitcher, so lovely matched to the quilts in the room. Transoms above the doors had been skilfully opened and arranged so that it vented the room with a cross breeze. Quite and thoughtful attention had been evident in all the details and she felt so welcomed. Suddenly she was assured of the knock, indeed, it had been Lois checking to see if she had awakened. “Approche’ ! “, she exclaimed, proud of her French!  Lois came through the door like a rose petal in the wind, landing on the bed near her. She wanted details of Genavieve’s trip to see her. Their houses were riding distance from each other, but far enough to be called a “day trip”!  After explaining her false confidence in her memory of how things looked along the path she had normally taken, Lois explained that some of the tree’s had been downed and hauled away for fire wood and green fern like ground cover had grown over the tell tail stumps. She instructed Genavieve to take a safer route home next time, a bit longer, but very outlined by orchards of pear trees. She promised to ride part of the way along with Genavieve to launch her onto a safe journey back, avoiding the now unfamiliar woods. Genavieve told Lois in great detail how the fear of being lost in the woods at night began to crowd her mind, blinding her of common sense. However, she pushed it back and prayed and relied on simple things her Grandfather had taught her. She described the uplifting in her spirit when shortly after she had prayed in her heart for His guidance,she began to see the lanterns and rode in it’s direction. The friends hugged, then Lois reminded her that a Pear Tart awaited them for breakfast! Genavieve loved these and was glad to have it once again. They asked if they could have breakfast on the outer rear porch in their nightclothes, rarely ever done! Lois’s parents made an exception, since no one would see them on the rear porch. They secretly loved seeing the girls friendship, and eaves dropping was so entertaining!   As details were recalled and new details were created, Lois and Genavieve started a most lovely unforgettable day together.

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Zucchini Parmesan Pasta

12 August 2011
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After reading and writing on another blogger’s post, she “coaxed” this out of me, Aha! Maybe you will enjoy this recipe as well:
~Zucchini Parmesan Pasta~
One Stick of butter
Four large (but not seedy) Zucchini Squash, washed and sliced thin
Large clove of garlic, smashed in salt and pulverized with a fork to a paste
One large calamari olive minced
Large basil leaf chopped
Bunch of Shallots, sliced very thin
One pound of fresh as possible whole wheat pasta
Pint of Chicken broth
One quarter cup heavy whipping cream, or a few tablespoons cream cheese,
“Fresh As Possible” Parmesan cheese to taste,
Ground pepper corn to taste
Pinch of Cayenne and Parsley

In large skillet melt the butter, add the sliced zucchini , salt, pepper, and saute’ till tender and slightly transparent
add whites of shallots,(set aside some greens for later) and half the garlic,garlic powder,
basil, and swirl around to saute’, set aside
Have prepared cooked pasta ready to add to saute’
When blended and heated together like a stir fry, add the rest of the garlic and the greens of the shallots and toss in with pasta, add the Parmesan cheese and cream, pour just enough chicken broth to make it juicy, add all seasonings, let set for a few minutes for flavors to blend, garnish with the Olive!
Eat it all, no left overs!

I so hate to hear people suck their teeth after eating in public, but after this it might be hard not to!

Copyright, August 12, 2011, Brenda DeLaune Brown

Late But Safe Arrival

11 August 2011

It came upon her suddenly, like a gas street light in the far distance offering hope! As she hurried to reach her destination before dark, the reins clinched tightly in her hands, she began to slightly perspire. With sighs of long awaited relief, she saw the lamp light on the great lawn of her friends property, illuminating the shape of the landscapes and the stable where assistance was waiting. She saw lanterns waiving her in. Genavieve skillfully guided her horse there and gratefully dismounted, entrusting her beast to their care.
She had suspected that somewhere along the way, she had strayed from the normal path, delaying her arrival as expected.  She hoped she had not caused worry. Fighting fear, she relied upon instinct and simple facts her grandfather had taught her, hoping that she would beat sundown.  She had , indeed, and this brought such joy, as she scurried up the front steps to her friend Lois’s home.  Heavy beautifully grained doors , fashioned by a generation of ancestors, opened instantly and she felt herself engulfed in hugs and welcoming embraces at their entrance hall.   She let herself be swept up in the salutations, elated to have arrived!  The one tapestry bag she had allowed herself to pack was quickly brought to the guest room. She sat down in the comfort of large cushioned furniture as she was served a Chamomile tea to sooth away the journeys trauma.  Being out of breath already, she and Lois could hardly speak fast enough.  She made Lois vow silence as to her delayed arrival so as not to worry her loved ones.  She was safe now and the story could be told in detail tomorrow.  Tonight she would sip tea and nibble tea cakes and chatter with her beloved friend Lois.  To look upon each others countenance was a long awaited treat.   The journey had robbed them of precious moments. It was time to recount  life since the last time they had seen one another.  Genavieve exhaled and relaxed, forgetting the days peril, thanking her Creator for her safety and the many blessings she could never cease to give praise for!

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S. Schultz’s Tool Chest

4 August 2011

S. Shultz…The signature was hardly visible anymore, but etched in straight, capital letters. It looked as though it was almost too tidy and detailed to be on such an old well loved and used Tool Chest. It was on the upper edge of the front, near the lock. Was it the makers name? With all it’s scratched, dented and splintered wood pieces still tightly put together, it was evident of it’s usefulness. Yet, there was a rugged beauty to its rustic cleaned surface. Inside there were aged remnants of things “saved for later”, perhaps salvaged from a once grand piece of furniture. A Plainer that had seen the best of it’s owners talent, a level that still had its balance, an angle still in its holder attached to the chests lid. There were  hinged brackets hand carved to fit it’s previous needs where other tools once had a home. There was a sturdy sacredness from a well aged wooden utilitarian toolbox that surely served “S. Schultz” for many years.  It testified of a hard working craftsman.  It was representation of  the fine workmanship of it’s previous owner. It held any and all useful tools and hardware to make, repair, mend and create.  H.B did not know his ancestor, “S. Schultz” personally, but he was amazed and drawn to it like nothing he had ever seen. As he held the tools, and ran his hands over the old wood, it was as though they were telling him how to use them.   He imagined what had been fashioned by the hands that once held them…He identified with it, and it began to summon up an  outpouring of his own talent.

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